Uncompromising Biblical Marriage

Daily Prompts: Uncompromising

The Opening and The Teaching

        This Bible Study is about how all True Christians should always be uncompromising in terms of Biblical Marriage.  The Bible defines marriage as being between one man and one woman.  Every culture has copied this teaching as their after this was written.  The Bible is very clear that all homosexual activity is sin.  This also includes bisexuality because you must practice homosexuality in order to be able to bisexual since it involves sex with both genders.  There are other terms today as well about this sick act.

There are terms such as being gender fluid (claiming your gender can change as you will it to), pansexuality (claiming you can have sex with anyone or anything and all things also have sex with you), asexuality (claiming that there is no such thing as sex in any form and there are no genders at all), trisexuality (a liberal term meaning that anything that you want to do sexually should be legal no matter how sick it is), transgenderism (the fact that 0.003% of the population are born with both genders due to genetic mutation in their genes and that everyone should accept it as being normal), transvestitism (the belief that you can be a cross-dresser and you can claim things such as maternity leave if you are a man or that you have the right to go into whatever bathroom you want), pedophilia (being sexually attracted to children under 18, with other terms for children ages 13-16, so it doesn’t sound so bad), prostitution (trading sexual favors for other favors), bestiality (having sex with animals), rape (forcing someone to do something sexual and is often a sign of homosexual abuse as a child), incest (having sex with close relatives), and necrophilia (having sex with animate objects like corpses or sex toys).

That is a very long paragraph, but that is only the terms I am aware of at this time.  I believe there are many more as well.  The interesting thing about all of these behaviors is that they all start with homosexual practices and devolve from there.  This could be why The Bible has so much to say concerning Biblical Marriage of being between one man one woman that also show that people are not born gay (113 of The Scriptures to be precise).  Being homosexual is a choice.  Everything else listed above becomes a choice once a person believes it is ok due to be abused in some kind of homosexual setting.

The majority of abusers were abused sexually by the same gender.  The majority of homosexual couples raising children have abused their children for years trying to change these innocent children to be homosexual as well.  The Bible is very clear that all of these practices are an abomination.  Since 113 of The Scriptures is too many to list in this Bible Study I have compiled them to share with you via a link to my personal OneDrive file with them all typed up and presented in an easy-to-read format.

The Bible teaches that homosexual acts are an abomination, evil, wicked, vile, defiling, harlotry (the act of prostitution, which is very detestable and sick to any decent person), perverted, ill, sexually immoral, ungodly, unrighteous, unclean, not natural, the same as every other sin in the eyes of God, insubordination, unholy, profane, deserving of death, and a cowardly act to do.  There is nothing good about homosexuality or any of its practices along with anything connected to it in any way whatsoever.

Yes, I know that in the United States of America that Same-Sex Marriage is legal, but it still goes against The Bible.  We as True Christians are to follow the laws of the land except when they go against The Bible.  However, due to our protected rights under the 1st Amendment concerning Free Speech along with Religion we can actually deny people a Same-Sex Marriage in our churches.  We can never be forced to do anything against our beliefs in this country.

Why is it called Same-Sex Marriage instead of Homosexual Marriage?  The reason for that is that even homosexuals are disgusted by the latter term, but think the former term is acceptable.  Yes, they really think this.  They are both the same, but one it not politically correct.  Forget about being politically correct with me.  I tell it as it is.  I would rather be Biblically correct than to be politically correct to have my soul cast into Hell in the end for choosing the things of the world over the things of God.

What about how many species of animals that practice homosexual acts?  Do you mean the homosexual acts that they do to break the will of competitors to damage them from these same acts that keeps their competitors from being able to be the alpha male among their group?  I bet you didn’t know that is why you see homosexual acts among animals.  It is one animal who is making another animal submit using a very cruel form of abuse.  Females in the animal kingdom don’t have anything to do with the males who have been damaged this way because it shows weakness.

It is also a sign of cowardice to practice homosexual activities and to defy the sanctity of Biblical Marriage.  The model of Biblical Marriage between one man and one woman has been proven to be the best and most effective model for a family to have by psychologists.  This is because psychology teaches that in order to raise healthy children who are of a stable mind that their needs to be a husband and wife as father and mother in the relationship.  Same-Sex Couples raising children are actually robbing the children of learning how to grow up in a healthy environment.

The Scriptures

Uncompromising Biblical Marriage Scriptures

The Closing

        That is all for this Bible Study.  God always knows what He is doing since He is All-Knowing.  He knows what is best for us in all parts of our lives.  I will never support Same-Sex Marriage at all.  I hope you found this to be enlightening.  Please share this with everyone you know.  God bless you all.


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